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Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
20 January 2017

Welcome to your community forum for SDS Archive Manager.

Come here when you would like to share news, views and suggestions to SDS and your fellow Archivists about any of archiving products or archiving in general!

If you have any ideas on how Archive Manager or any of our other archiving systems can be improved, for all users, then please go ahead, and start a new thread.

Kind regards

Mark - SDS

William Shaw  
08 February 2017

When I enter 'Persons' and allocate a function for example Principal I need to use 'notes' to give the name of the school. I then need to open the agency to select the function an type in the name of the peson.
In many cases the person may have functions in more than onr 'agency'.


Brown John is fiven a funcion as Principal and then the note area is used to say St Janes.

I would like when doing the original entry function as principal at Agency:__________

and then Director at agency.

There are times when the Agency function is used and the name put in. Not all function holders are in the data base as it is used for a certain category only.

using data boxes


Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
08 February 2017

Many thanks for your suggestions William. I have moved this to a thread of its own, so anyone can comment and give their thoughts.