Reports - being able to sort by additional fields - such as alias

Janet Howse  
23 January 2018

Would it be possible for Archive Manager to be changed so that  we can sort by any field, rather than the ones proscribed now?  For example, I am preparing items to go into an exhibition space and need to be able to provide full item records for them in a report format.  I have thought of creating a new keyword, but then they don't sort in the order we need (for example, we have a listing of items 1-160 for exhibition and need a report listing them in this numerical order, which of course does not correspond to their unique number in Archive Manager).

How easy would this be to implement?  Probably too late for me though!!


Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
01 February 2018

Hi Janet, 

Thank you for your idea. We have been looking into this and it seems entitrely possible. We will endevour to impliment this in the near future.