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Archive Browser Update - Version 3.5

Ben Wood (SDS GROUP)  
01 February 2017

Hi everyone.


Along with our update to Archive Manager, we have also released an update to Archive Browser.


The new version is 3.5, and the update was primarily focused on improving the way the interface looks, as we have had lots of people request for the interface to be improved because it was looking quite dated. The new interface has been made to look a lot more modern, making use of more up-to-date technologies that provide us with the option of making Archive Browser mobile-friendly in the future, if people would like that to be added as a feature.


In addition to the user interface improvements, the update also provides complete support for PostgreSQL, which is a database management system used by some Archive Manager users.


The Archive Browser update can be downloaded from your My Products page.


When installing the update to Archive Browser, a small change must be made to ensure that large images can still be viewed. Step-by-step instructions on how to make this change can be found in the document attached to this post.


If you have any feedback on this update or suggestions for future updates, then please post them below.


Ben - SDS