Ideas/Suggestions for the next Archive Manager update

Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
08 February 2017

We've had this suggestion from an Archive Manager user, so I thought I would start a new thread for a disucssion topic:

"When I enter 'Persons' and allocate a function for example Principal I need to use 'notes' to give the name of the school. I then need to open the agency to select the function an type in the name of the peson.
In many cases the person may have functions in more than onr 'agency'.


Brown John is fiven a funcion as Principal and then the note area is used to say St Janes.

I would like when doing the original entry function as principal at Agency:__________

and then Director at agency.

There are times when the Agency function is used and the name put in. Not all function holders are in the data base as it is used for a certain category only.

using data boxes"

Prudence Heath  
11 August 2017

Dear Mark,

I wondered whether you would consider including an indexing tab for items and persons or agencies.  It would be similar to the way provenance works, but for the situation where say a person is mentioned in a document or in a photographs - so provenance not suitable and sometimes description is not specific enough.

For instance, say a teacher's obituary appears in a school magazine many years after they retire.  It would be good when editing an item, you could have a tab that includes 'index' that would link to a person or agency.  You might be able to add data like page number, or format, or short description.  When looking at this person record for this teacher, you could not only see the files with their provenance, you could also see a list of items where they have been indexed.

I have seen something similar done in a school where the software has been written by the archivist.  It was very effective.

Many thanks,
Prue Heath

Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
17 August 2017

Dear Prue

Many thanks for your message, and your idea for Archive Manager

It certainly sounds like something that could be added, and also something that would be quite well received by a lot of customers. We will look into adding this to the list of features for the next update.





Janet Howse  
23 January 2018

I think Prue's suggestion is wonderful, as we have the same need as her.