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Archive Virtual Update

Mark Coombes (SDS GROUP)  
01 August 2017

Hi all,

After releasing Archive Virtual earlier this year, we have been adding users regularly, and have just released the first update. These were ideas and improvements requested by our users and we have many more to add over the coming months

 - Added reporting
 - Added a list of item copy locations which can be viewed from the 'Copies' tab for an item
 - Fixed some interface problems
 - Fixes to the search so that it now supports searching for words containing apostrophes

Because Archive Virtual is fully hosted, you don't need to do anything to update your software. We will do this for you, so the next time you log in these new features will be waiting for you.

Please reply with any feedback or ideas for the next update, and of you're not currently using Archive Virtual, please drop me a line and I will set you up with a free trial copy.

Many thanks